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Looks on the Territory: farm park south Milan/Sguardi sul Territorio: il parco agricolo sud Milano

On next 9th of september opening of my personal exhibition , with my friend Mirko Bozzato photographer and graphic designer, 7.00 pm at  Gheroartè , “laboratori di espansione creativa” (warehouses of creativity expansion), in Corsico (Milano, Italy). "Looks on the territory: farm park south Milano" is the title/theme of the expo. Farm park of south Milano is a reality Mirko and I both appreciate the biggest green area of Milano: a beautiful reality that need to be protected by building speculation. The expo is about a collaboration between us ...we are really friends since we were kids and he started to take pictures about the awesome landscapes there during last two last years: i proposed him to re-work with my style on his photos. The prints of Mirko's photographs will be show on some standings, mine will be project on a screen in big size; i also create a playlist selection of ambient and micro-electronic music from North Europe bands like Sigur Ros, Lali Puna, Mum, Notwist King of Convenience and so on:  I found them good to give the right support to the images.
Im very glad finally i made a big work on landscapes images, trying to give them a sense of dramatic force to represent all the pressure by the building interests around the park-area: the idea is use my  textures to show a hidden dark side that could  break the peace and the beauty of this place.
Artist and curator  Antonella Prota Giurleo , our "mentor" and great friend, thanks very much for her precious work and support!

The next opening on September 9 at 19.00 (with samples of products distributed by South Park cheap Corsico) of the exhibition my camera and Mirko Bozzato, photographer and graphic designer at Gheroartè-expanding creative labs c / o Ex Railway Station Corsico, Via Gramsci 4, Corsico (MI) tel / fax 02/45103113 - 349/4759779-333 / 4333040. The theme / title of the photo exhibition è "Sgurdi sul territorio: il parco agricolo sud Milano", una realtà che io e Mirko aprrezziamo molto e che va protetta  dalle spinte di speculazione edilizia. L'esposizione nasce come collaborazione tra di noi....siamo amici da motlissimi anni e Mirko negli ultimi due anni si è soffermato su questa area verde percorrendola e fotografandola con un occhio sempre attento e ispirato. Così gli ho proposto/chiesto di poter lavorare con il mio personale editing di post-produzione sui suoi lavori. Le stampe delle foto di Mirko saranno esposte in un allestimento di tipo standings e le mie ri-elaboarazioni saranno proiettate su un grande schermo; mi sono occupato della "colonna sonora" compilando una playlist di bands nord-europee quali Sigur Ros, Lali Puna, Mum, Notwist King of Convenience, and so on, which I think can give proper emphasis to the photo. I am very happy to have finally worked up images of landscapes, trying to give them a sense of drama to represent the forces and pressures of speculative interests, not least the World Expo in Milan in 2015: the idea is to use and terxture editing, trying to catch a dark side that casts a shadow on the peace and breaking the beauty of this green lung.
artist and curator Antonella Prota Giurleo, our "mentor" and a great friend always, thanks very much for your valuable assistance and all the support!

official statement from :
Looks territory: the agricultural park South of Milan
photographic exhibition of Mirko Bozzato
rework digital Gianmario Masala
Mirko Bozzato Gianmario Masala and worked from a fact appreciated by both the Milan South Agricultural Park. A huge park which stretches from west to east around the city and which is a green lung for Milan and its territory. Both authors believe that the park should be protected from the possibility of building and speculation.
Mirko Bozzato achieved in two years of work, a series of color photographs and
in black and white. At different times of day and different seasons in the photographer
suspect, moving by bike from his home in Caggiano, the southwest area
the agricultural park, fascinated by an area, discovered by accident.
In the exhibition, the photographer describes as "A small portrait of an urban area
single, to be jealously preserved for all that gives to those who lo incontra. Un
territorio fatto di terra, acqua, lavoro, storie….. che spero di riuscire a trasmettere a
chi le guarderà, insieme a un po’ di curiosità che potrebbe spingere tutti a visitarlo”
Nato a Milano nel 1963, dopo il Liceo artistico Mirko Bozzato si è occupato di grafica
editoriale, di immagine e di web. Attualmente svolge l’attività di grafico all’Università
Bocconi di Milano e collabora come Art Director free lance con diverse case editrici di
Milan and its province. Always been passionate about photography has taken his shots "in
drawer" until about a year ago, when I accidentally made them see and he was
Council to share.
Gianmario Masala, a digital artist and photographer with significant experience in
field of music and film, an architect by profession, has worked in the Design
international Alchemy (in collaboration with Alessandro Mendini ), and assignments
in the field of public works and of ' school construction in the province of Milan and
Regione Lombardia. Has always used the medium of photography as an aid for his
work. In its research activities both in terms of photo enforcement of shots
from that of digital reworking, is more interested in people
rather than landscapes.
Thursday, September 9, 2010
Opening 19:00
with samples of products distributed by South Park Merry Market Corsico
soundscapes / soundtracks selected by DJ Jean (aka Gianmario Masala)
inauguration are invited:
Maria Ferrucci, mayor of Corsico,
Domenico Finiguerra Mayor of Cassinetta Lugagnano,
Rosella Blumetti and Nadia Landoni, Councillor Corsico
Maria Grazia Vantadori, councilor of Gaggiano
Bruna Bremer, provincial councilor
Dario Ballardini for Buonmercato
Antonella Prota Giurleo, artist and curator
Association Humus in Fabula
Association Gheroartè - creative labs expansion
c / o Ex Railway Station Corsico
via Gramsci 4, Corsico (MI) tel / fax 02/45103113 - 349/4759779-333/4333040


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